Liber Panoptica: An Expansion for the Age of Darkness

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Liber Panoptica was born of a desire by a team from the HH: Age of Darkness Discord Partner Server to ensure that nothing and nobody was left behind with the release of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy (also known as HH2.0). Whilst in development, we referred to it as Operation: Retrograde - and this name stuck even on release.

Within this document you will find the rules and lore to add all units to HH2.0 that were omitted from the official publications, as well as a full community FAQ, Errata, and Balance Changes and more, including a few new things you won't have seen before...

Whilst this document is intended to be free, now and forever, a limitation with Gumroad means we can't disable people paying what they want. As a result, if you are kind enough to pay any monetary amount, this will be used in its entirety to fund future events and giveaways for the HH: Age of Darkness Discord Partner Server.

Any feedback you do have can be provided to us directly via the HH: Age of Darkness Discord:

We also have a social media presense, if you want to interact with us via any other channels:

We really hope you all enjoy it!

Current Version: V1.2 - 22/07/2022
Please note that previous versions of the Liber Panoptica will not be supported by the team going forward - only the current version above will be maintained and have feedback accepted going forward.

This product is not currently for sale.


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Liber Panoptica: An Expansion for the Age of Darkness

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