The Marching Forge - A 30k Supplement

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This supplement allows for the use of all 40k admech units - and some custom ones - in 30k.

This is a complete book, containing a full army list designed to be integrated with Taghmata Mechanicum or used standalone, lore, and much, much more.

This has even been endorsed by the mournival team!

It's regularly patched in response to feedback so before you use it please ensure you grab the latest version. If you do have any feedback, please join the HH Age of Darkness discord (via the link below!) and let me know in the dedicated channels there.

I really hope you all enjoy it.

Current Version: V2.3 - 30/11/2021

  • Size
    22.1 MB
  • Length
    60 pages
  • Size22.1 MB
  • Length60 pages
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The Marching Forge - A 30k Supplement

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